The First "Work in Progress" Art Festival

16,17,18 Khordad

Time: 17-21

Shirin Art center: Velenjak,18th,No 9

First day of "Work in Progress" photos 

Concentrating on the act of performance, this festival of the visual and interdisciplinary arts including six parts of sculpture, sound performance, music, architecture, photography, and event art, disrupts the representational approaches to art as well as elevating the role of the observer, the festival tries to balance the dual relationship between the artist and the observer. In the meantime, any unexpected event is a main part of the process of the performance which can affect this relationship and even convulse it. The question is whether this opposition can be converted to an interaction or not? In this way, the work of art would appear as a scar on the skin of the artist and the observer, because the observer finds his own trace in the artist’s privacy through seeking the meaning of the work of art which is under construction and the artist remains disappointed within grasping this trace…

Raffie Davtian